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At RUDRA MANPOWER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, excellence is our hallmark. We specialize in top-tier manpower solutions, offering unrivaled security, housekeeping, and labor services across Gurugram, Noida, and Rohtak. Our commitment to reliability, punctuality, and professionalism sets us apart. Explore a workforce solution tailored to your needs.

About Us


Specializes in providing top-tier manpower solutions, focusing on security, housekeeping, and labor services across Gurugram, Noida, and Rohtak. Our core activities revolve around sourcing and deploying disciplined ex-army personnel to ensure the highest standards of reliability, punctuality, and professionalism. We prioritize stringent police verifications, and maintaining a trustworthy workforce. Our operations are dedicated to addressing industry challenges such as delayed payments, transparency issues, and high employee turnover rates by implementing robust systems, ensuring timely payments, fostering transparency, and creating a conducive work environment for enhanced retention.


At RUDRA MANPOWER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, our vision is to redefine excellence in manpower provisioning. We aspire to be the foremost provider of security, housekeeping, and labor solutions in Gurugram, Noida, and Rohtak.


Our mission at RUDRA MANPOWER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is to address prevalent industry challenges. We are committed to rectifying issues such as delayed payments, lack of transparency, high turnover rates among employees, and inadequate police verification.


Timely and Transparent Payments: We guarantee punctual and transparent payment systems, ensuring employees receive their salaries on time, fostering trust and reliability within the workforce.

Employee Retention Initiatives: We focus on creating an empowering work culture that values employee growth, job satisfaction, and fair treatment, reducing turnover rates and enhancing long-term commitments

Operational Transparency: Our commitment to transparency extends to our operations, contracts, and communication channels.

Stringent Security Measures: With stringent police verification processes in place, we prioritize the safety and security of both our clients and our workforce, minimizing security risks associated with manpower deployment.


  • Delayed Payments: Addressing issues related to delayed payments in the manpower supply industry, ensuring that employees receive their salaries promptly and accurately.
  • Transparency Concerns: Tackling transparency issues within the
    organization by implementing systems that ensure transparency in operations, contracts, and communication channels with both clients and employees.
  • High Employee Turnover: Striving to overcome the challenge of high turnover rates among employees by creating a conducive work environment that promotes job satisfaction, growth opportunities, and fair employment practices.
  • Lack of Police Verification: Ensuring the safety and security of clients and employees by rigorously conducting police verifications to validate the backgrounds of deployed manpower, minimizing security risks.

Comprehensive Manpower Excellence at Your Service

Explore a range of impeccable services tailored to meet your workforce needs. RUDRA MANPOWER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED offers top-notch solutions in security, housekeeping, and labor services across Gurugram, Noida, and Rohtak. Elevate your workforce experience with our commitment to excellence and reliability